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SOP: Mattermost and RAS Group Sync

This SOP covers how the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF) and Rocky Linux Infrastructure handles group syncing between the Rocky Account Services and Mattermost Channels. It contains information about how System Administrators will create groups, the templates, and how to setup syncing within Mattermost.

Note: This assumes the user is logging in with their RAS credentials to Mattermost.

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Creating the necessary group

This section covers how a system administrator will create a group Rocky Account Services using ansible. The playbook utilized will be adhoc-ipagroup.yml.

  1. First, determine where and how the group will be utilized. The starting template will be mm_X_name. mm is for mattermost, X will be for the designated part of Mattermost (e.g., resf, rl, and so on), and name will be the name of the group in question.
  2. On the ansible host, run the necessary ansible playbook: ansible-playbook -i inventories/production/hosts.ini ansible-ipa-management/adhoc-ipagroup.yml --extra-vars='ipa_group=<GROUP> ipa_description="<DESC>" ipa_nonposix=false ipa_fas=true ipa_group_manager_user=<OWNER>'

    • Ensure that the description is set in a way that it explains what it is for
    • It is unlikely the group will need to have a GID assigned. Assigning the group as nonposix should be sufficient.
    • Setting the group with ipa_fas=true ensures that the group will appear in Rocky Account Services and can be managed there.
    • Setting ipa_group_manager_user will set a user in RAS that can manage the group without requesting for an administrator to do so.

Syncing in Mattermost

Within mattermost's administration console, apply the group to the channel as necessary.

Last update: 2023-03-23