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Rocky Debrand Packages List

This is a list of packages that require changes to their material for acceptance in Rocky Linux. Usually this means there is some text or images in the package that reference upstream trademarks, and these must be swapped out before we can distribute them.

The first items in this list are referenced from the excellent CentOS release notes here:

It is assumed that we will have to modify these same packages. It is also assumed that these changed packages might not necessarily be debranding.

However, this list is incomplete. For example, the package Nginx does not appear on the list, and still has RHEL branding in the CentOS repos. We will need to investigate the rest of the package set and find any more packages like this that we must modify.

One way to find said changes is to look for ?centos tags in the SPEC file, while also looking at the manual debranding if there was any for the c8 branches.

There will be cases where a search and replace for ?centos to ?rocky will be sufficient.

Current patches (for staging) are here.

Packages that need debranding changes:

Package Notes Work Status
abrt See here DONE
anaconda See here DONE
apache-commons-net AppStream module with elevating branch names NO CHANGES REQUIRED
~~basesystem~~ (does not require debranding, it is a skeleton package) NO CHANGES REQUIRED
cloud-init See here DONE - NEEDS REVIEW IN GITLAB (Rich Alloway)
cockpit See here DONE
~~compat-glibc~~ NOT IN EL 8
dhcp See here DONE, NEEDS REVIEW IN GITLAB (Rich Alloway)
firefox See here -- Still requires a distribution.ini ID MOSTLY DONE (Louis)
fwupdate NOT STARTED
glusterfs Changes don't appear to be required NO CHANGES REQUIRED
gnome-settings-daemon No changes required for now. NO CHANGES REQUIRED
grub2 (secureboot patches not done, just debrand) See here DONE, NEEDS REVIEW IN GITLAB AND SECUREBOOT (Rich Alloway)
httpd See here DONE
initial-setup See here DONE
ipa This is a dual change: Logos and ipaplatform. Logos are taken care of in rocky-logos and the ipaplatform is taken care of here. See here DONE
~~kabi-yum-plugins~~ NOT IN EL 8
kernel See here for a potential example NOT STARTED
~~kde-settings~~ NOT IN EL 8
libreport See here DONE
oscap-anaconda-addon See here DONE Requires install QA
PackageKit See here DONE
plymouth See here DONE
~~redhat-lsb~~ NO CHANGES REQUIRED
redhat-rpm-config See here DONE
scap-security-guide QA is likely required to test this package as it is NO CHANGES REQUIRED, QA REQUIRED
shim-signed NOT STARTED
sos See here DONE
subscription-manager See here DONE, NEEDS REVIEW
~~system-config-date~~ NOT IN EL8
~~system-config-kdump~~ NOT IN EL8
thunderbird See here DONE
~~xulrunner~~ NOT IN EL 8
(end of CentOS list)
nginx Identified changes, in staging (ALMOST) DONE

Packages that need to become other packages:

We will want to create our own versions of these packages. The full "lineage" is shown, from RHEL -> CentOS -> Rocky (Where applicable)

Package Notes
redhat-indexhtml -> centos-indexhtml -> rocky-indexhtml Here
redhat-logos -> centos-logos -> rocky-logos Here
redhat-release-* -> centos-release -> rocky-release Here
centos-backgrounds -> rocky-backgrounds Provided by logos
centos-linux-repos -> rocky-repos Here
centos-obsolete-packages Here

Packages that Exist in RHEL, but not in CentOS

For sake of complete information, here is a list of packages that are in RHEL 8, but do not exist in CentOS 8. We do not need to worry about these packages:

  • insights-client
  • Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux-Release_Notes-8-*
  • redhat-access-gui
  • redhat-bookmarks
  • subscription-manager-migration
  • subscription-manager-migration-data

Last update: 2023-12-04