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Rocky Release 8.4 Package Errors

This page tracks package fixes/progress for the upcoming 8.4 release. Packages are tracked in a table with package name, Koji build link, assignee, and notes.

Packages that are fixed will be marked with a ~~strikethrough~~ to indicate they're done.

Packages are considered fixed only after they have a successful build in Koji.

Package Koji Link Assignee Notes
~~spirv-tools-2020.5-3.20201208~~ ~~ ~~N/A~~ ~~Neil: Last time we had to tag to an older release of spirv-headers - we likely need to update this.~~
~~python-cryptography~~ Skip Grube Relies on new python-cryptography-vectors c8s branch; Neil: Removed unnecessary patch from 8.3
dotnet3/dotnet5 Michael Young Import/patch issue? Also might be memory issues with building large SRPM on i686 ; 2021-05-27 - see comment below
~~rhel-system-roles~~ ~~ ~~N/A~~ ~~No matching package to install: 'python3dist(ruamel.yaml)'~~
~~pandoc~~ Neil Hanlon / ashman / others ~~Need to bootstrap + build "hscolour and it should be fixed - Had to enable bootstrapping on ghc-rpm-macros (built as %{RELEASE}.1) and then build hscolour as well with a bootstrapping patch to not have a circular dependency on ghc-rpm-macros to hscolour.~~
~~texlive~~ ~~ ~~Jordan Pisaniello~~ ~~Compiler error : ../../../texk/web2c/pdftexdir/ error: 'unique_ptr' is not a member of 'std' (and others)~~
~~xdp-tools~~ ~~ N/A ~~Compiler error libbpf support: FORCE_SYSTEM_LIBBPF is set, but no usable libbpf found~~
~~libreoffice~~ ~~ ~~Skip Grube~~ Needs mdds-1.5 (c8s branch), then new liborcus, then can compile this
~~gupnp~~ ~~ ~~Skip Grube~~ ~~gupnp: need 'gssdp-devel >= 1.0.5' first (new hidden dependency?)~~
~~libdazzle~~ ~~ N/A ~~libdazzle: aarch64 error: failed test "test-recursive-monitor" - see build.log for more info~~
~~libuv~~ ~~ ~~N/A~~ ~~Several failed tests, but ONLY on i686~~
~~libwacom~~ ~~ ~~Skip Grube~~ ~~libwacom: need to update meson: ERROR: Meson version is 0.49.2 but project requires >= 0.50.0.~~
~~libbpf~~ ~~ ~~N/A~~ ~~/usr/bin/strip:/builddir/build/BUILDROOT/libbpf-0.2.0-1.el8.x86_64/usr/lib64/st9U4xP0/libbpf-in.o[]: error: failed to copy merged notes into output: Bad value (???)~~
~~bcc~~ ~~ N/A ~~Needs new kernel release~~
~~gssdp~~ ~~ N/A ~~failing test "test-functional" ONLY on i686~~
~~gnome-settings-daemon~~ ~~ ~~Skip Grube~ ~~Spec file is incorrectly configured or macro is being defined~~
~~ghostscript~~ ~~ N/A ~~Compiler errors: from ./base/sjbig2.c:26:/usr/include/jbig2.h:93:11: note: expected 'Jbig2ErrorCallback' {aka 'int ()(void , const char , enum , int)'} but argument is of type 'void ()(void , const char , Jbig2Severity, int32_t)' {aka 'void ()(void , const char *, enum , int)'} (and others)~~
~~dnf~~ ~~ ~~Skip Grube~~ ~~No matching package to install: 'python3-hawkey >= 0.55.0-5' (new hidden dep?)~~
~~dlm~~ ~~ ~~N/A~~ ~~compiler errors: member.c:113:86: error: parameter 2 ('ring_id') has incomplete type~~
~~corosync~~ ~~ ~~Skip Grube~~ ~~No matching package to install: 'libknet1-devel >= 1.18' (hidden dep? or something not compiled yet?)~~
~~bpftrace~~ ~~ N/A ~~Compiler error - likely fixed by new libbpf(?)~~


#### dotnet3.1 From Michael Young on 2021-05-27

Hey @Skip Grube I have been quiet all week because dotnet is kicking my butt. I thought it would be as simple as redoing the patch. I have been working with dotnet3.1. It doesn't seem to like the minor version that is now in os-release for rocky 8.4. When I redid the patch and built with just the major version, it builds... But with the major and minor, it fails.

Wanted to put a note here since I am going to be away from a computer until Monday and don't want to leave everyone hanging... Not sure if there is a date in mind besides as soon as possible. If anyone wants to take a stab at it, be my guest. Otherwise, I will keep plugging away at it... I think I am close to getting it to use the runtime I'd of rocky-8.4