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PDR Delete Request

As a user within the Rocky Linux and Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation ecosystem, you have a right to request your account be disabled and information removed. This page will guide you in requesting a PDR Delete Request for us to process.

Contact Information

Owner Infrastructure Team & Identity Management Team
Email Contact
Email Contact
Mattermost Contacts @label
Mattermost Channels ~Infrastructure

General Information

When you request a PDR Delete Request, please note that the following will occur during processing:

  • Your personal data and information will be removed from your account
  • You will be removed from all relevant groups in Account Services
  • Your account will be set to private in Account Services
  • Your account in Account Services will be disabled

If your intention is to keep your account active and hide your personal information, you may set your profile to "private" in Account Services by:

  1. Click Edit Profile
  2. Select the checkbox for Private
  3. Save.

Submitting a Request

To submit a request, you may either email us or you may open a ticket at our Bug Tracker

Ticket Request

Click the following link to open our bug tracker.

  1. Open our Bug Tracker and login with your account (You can do this by clicking "anonymous" and click logout)
  2. In the top left corner, click the drop down next to your login name
  3. Select "Account Services" as the project.
  4. Click "Report Issue"
  5. Set category to Account Requests - Personal Data Request
  6. Set summary as PDR - Delete Request
  7. Above the description box, click the snippets drop down and select PDR Request - Remove Personal Information
  8. Fill out the form appropriately. Do not remove data that starts that contains {} and ensure you have read the "Information" section. You may fill in comments as you see fit.
  9. Click Submit Issue at the bottom

Email Request

Click the following link to open an email draft to us to start the process.

Last update: 2023-03-23