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Community Team


The Community Team is responsible for interacting with and maintaining the Rocky Linux Community, in accordance with the Charter and By-Laws of the project.

Everyone who is part of Rocky Linux is a member of the Community team, and is charged with upholding the standard of our community, specifically: being curteous and treating all people--within and without the RESF--with respect. While discourse is often necessary in projects with multiple voices, it is our responsibility to remember we are all human and are working together for the good of the community overall.

In addition to the above, the community team runs outreach for Rocky, including managing social channels, moderating mailing lists, and more. This is an area that is always in need of participation and we welcome anyone who would like to be part of it.


This team is lead by the Team Leads listed below.






Role Name Email Mattermost Name IRC Name
Team Lead / Community Manager Krista Burdine @grammaresque grammaresque
Deputy Team Lead Alexia Rivera Steinberg @alexia alexia

Join Team

If you are interested in joining the Community Team in any capacity above membership, we ask that you join and begin supporting the community. If you want to work on a specific task such as social media, outreach, or anything else you can think of, bring it up in chat and we'll work with you to help guide your contribution.