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Getting Community Help & Support

The Rocky Linux Project has several places where users can find community support, depending on the nature of issue.


This is for general support of Rocky Linux and is not meant for bug reporting. Please see our Reporting Bugs and RFE's page for more information.

Rocky Linux (core distribution)

Core distribution community support can be obtained at the following locations:

Rocky Linux Infrastructure and Services

Rocky Linux Infrastructure have responsibility over several areas, such as mirror manager and Mattermost. Support or questions that pertain only to the infrastructure managed by the project can be asked at any of the following:

However, Infrastructure and Services encourages issues and requests to be submitted to their Infrastructure Meta tracker.

Rocky Linux Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Each Special Interest Group has a channel on Mattermost. You are encouraged to join Mattermost and search for the relevant channel. Some examples are below.

Some groups have places on the forums as well, though they may have low traffic.