Current SIGs

This section goes over the current SIGs that may have sponsors and are active or has community interest.

Below are some that may be established with sponsors/members or are in progress to being established.

SIG Purpose
Cloud Cloud images and infrastructure - May work upstream with Stream for openstack and others as well.
AltArch Maintains alternative architectures or devices (such as the raspberry pi) that are not directly supported by Rocky Linux
Desktop Supports and maintains the desktop experience for Rocky Linux
Embedded Embedded Systems
FastTrack Provides fixes, customizations, upgrades, or improvements to existing Rocky Linux packages that the community would like to see
Kernel Maintains kernels (such as mainline or other long term support) and drivers
Legacy Supports and maintains legacy hardware support for Rocky Linux
HPC Maintains High Performance Computing support for Rocky Linux
Hyperscale Hyperscale Computing
Security Extra security features and security-hardened override packages (replacing those from the main distribution) for Rocky Linux and other EL distros

Below are those that have community interest, but no direct sponsors yet.

SIG Purpose
Database Databases of all shapes, sizes, and use cases
AI Rocky Linux Ecosystem for AI, ML, Data Science & BigData.
Leapp Focuses on the leapp framework to facilitate upgrades between major versions of Rocky