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Rocky Linux RSS Feeds

This page goes over the RSS feeds provided by the Rocky Linux project.

About RSS Feeds

Rocky Linux RSS feeds are provided as an alternative way for users to observe updates that come to the many repositories for supported versions of Rocky Linux.

RSS feeds will appear in the public mirror: RSS Feeds

These feeds are generated by the Release Engineering (SIG/Core) Toolkit.

Notes on Refresh Times

Every 30 minutes, the feeds are updated. If new packages were added to any of the repositories, they will appear right away on next refresh.

Notes on Packages

The feeds will show the most recent packages up to 30 days. If a package is older than 30 days, they will be dropped from the feed.

Notes on Modules

Some module packages may or may not appear in the feed. This is especially true for Rocky Linux 8. The RSS feed script is at this time not capable of taking into account of all modules. Notable exceptions to this are the default module streams.