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Bug Tracker Guidelines

These set of guidelines are what to expect using the Bug Tracker system. While we do not require contributors or bug reports to sign this as an agreement in account services nothing is stopping you from doing so to show confirmation that you have.


Bugzilla is a core part of the Rocky Linux distribution and Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation as a whole. Whether you're a bug reporter, a contributor, or perhaps on the Release Engineering team, the Bug Tracker is a utility for everyone to be able to read and engage with others to find solutions to issues affecting the software that is shipped and available in Rocky Linux.

General Guidelines

As a reporter, there are guidelines in which you (the user) and others must follow when reporting issues or bugs on the Bug Tracker. Below are some things to be aware of:

  • Moderation is enforced - As is done in the Rocky Linux MatterMost chat, it is important to mind your language and word choice. Speak to others as you would want them to speak to you.

  • The Bug Tracker is not a place for support - The Bug Tracker is meant for issues, bugs, and problems with the packages and software that is provided in Rocky Linux. Tickets opened that are asking for support on the operating system or software will be closed. You are encouraged to go to our subreddit, Libera IRC channel (#rockylinux), mattermost, or our forums.


As a reporter, there are expectations in which you (the user) and others should adhere to in order to keep the queues clean and consistent, as well as the the reports readable so that the responsible party can address the issue in a proper manner.

  • Ensure your report goes to the correct project - There is a list of projects that accept bug reports or issues. The drop down is on the top right. Choose the one most appropriate to your issue.

  • Ensure that you provide relevant information - When submitting a report that may be a bug or issue, ensure that you provide relevant logs and output that can help the responsible parties to address your issue. This includes:

    • Logs from /var/log
    • journalctl logs
    • Console output in your shell/session
    • An archive created by sosreport
    • Patch files or workarounds

Do NOT attempt to submit arbritrary scripts as they will be rejected. This includes but is not limited to sh, py, pl files.

  • Do not submit support questions - The Bug Tracker is not a support desk; as such the tickets will be closed if they are asking for assistance or support. You are recommended to go to our reddit, Libera IRC channel (#rockylinux), or our forum.

Types of Tickets

While reporting bugs and issues are common with bug trackers, the tracker also accepts other reports. Such as:

  • Account Removal - If you are requesting your account be removed or disabled, this can be done in the Account Services section of the bug tracker.

  • GitLab Request - There may be patch repos missing or something else may be requested that involves a group or even a SIG.

  • Rocky Services - This could be the bug tracker itself, the wiki, or other pieces of infrastructure.