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Reporting Bugs and RFE's

The Rocky Linux Project has several ways of reporting issues or requesting enhancements, depending on what the issue is and who it pertains to. This page aims to try to steer you in the right direction on where to go.

Rocky Linux (core distribution)



The bug tracker is not meant for general support questions. Do not be surprised if a maintainer closes the bug report immediately if it's found to be a general question rather than an actual bug report.

Bugs are an inevitable part of any Linux distribution. Users may find problems and want a way to report the bug.

All bug reports should be reported at our Bug Tracker.

When reporting bugs, ensure you have read the Bug Tracker Guidelines so you can make a proper bug report.


You may be asked to reproduce the issue on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If the issue is reproducible on RHEL, you are encouraged to also open a bug report at the Red Hat Jira. The assignee on your bug report can do this for you also if you wish.

RFE (Request for Enhancement)

Requests for Enhancements to packages1 are typically handled at the Bug Tracker. In some cases, this may not apply. A Special Interest Group may ask that an RFE be submitted elsewhere. See the SIG section later in this page.

Rocky Linux Infrastructure and Services

Rocky Linux Infrastructure have responsibility over several areas. Below is just some of what is maintained:

Infrastructure and Services encourages issues and requests to be submitted to their Infrastructure Meta tracker.

Rocky Linux Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Each Special Interest Group may do things a bit differently from the next. In majority of cases, a SIG will receive a group at the RESF Git Service and a "meta" repository. However, a SIG can choose not to use this and note on their wiki of where to go.

Examples of SIG's that use "meta" are below:

Other Resources

If you have reproduced a bug or an issue in RHEL or even CentOS Stream, or you would like to request something for a future Enterprise Linux version (that will make it to Rocky Linux in a future version), you are encouraged to submit a report to the Red Hat Jira. Below are some quick links for submitting such requests.

You may also see if a feature, package, or otherwise can be included into a SIG, plus, or extras repositories if they fit. You can also request a package to EPEL at the Red Hat Bugzilla.

  1. Packages may be for a core Rocky Linux package or a Special Interest Group package. Note that if an RFE is put in for a Rocky Linux core package, it will most likely be rejected and you may be encouraged to request it upstream to CentOS Stream. If the RFE is to a package that contains rocky- in the name or it is a package that we actively patch, it may be considered. RFE's to prepare for upcoming features from Stream to RHEL (e.g. to prepare for said feature) is encouraged.