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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the project. There are many ways you can contribute to Rocky Linux, such as helping users on forums, Mattermost/IRC, mail lists to debugging packages, hunting bugs, and finding fixes. Other ways to contribute may be joining a Special Interest Group.

See below for the some of the ways you can contribute. Note that this information is subject to change.

Helping other users

As with most online and/or open source communities, getting started usually begins at the "joining" phase and just participating in topics that interest you. Here's some basic things you can do to get you going:

Helping with bug hunting & finding fixes

There are occasions that Rocky Linux users may find problems that may or may not be reproducible on our upstream distributions RHEL and CentOS Stream. We encourage users to to use our bug tracker to file bugs. Note that this is not meant to be a support system. We encourage users to ask for support on our forums, Mattermost, or IRC.

Helping with general testing

In the same vein as bug hunting, the Testing Team is one of the most active groups in the project, with all communication in Mattermost. They work together on testing various aspects of Rocky Linux, including refining their openQA system, their various methods of testing to find bugs, and test functionality. They are always open to more users that can help them with these efforts.

Help with or join the EPEL Effort

EPEL (or Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) is a special interest group within the Fedora Project that maintains and manages a set of additional packages for Enterprise Linux such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Rocky Linux, and many others. It is a very common repository that many users enable and start using right away to get access to quality packages that are not found in the base distribution.

Getting involved with EPEL is a great way to make Rocky Linux (and other Enterprise Linux distributions) more useful. Check out their help guide for more information. You can also participate in their Matrix channels.

Join a Special Interest Group

Joining a Special Interest Group can help augment Rocky Linux in many ways, such as additional packages, certain hardware or architecture support (such as SBC hardware), and much more. Joining a SIG can be rewarding as well as overall beneficial to the Enterprise Linux ecosystem.

You can join a Special Interest Group in Rocky Linux, CentOS, or even the Fedora Project (such as the aforementioned EPEL SIG).

If you are wanting to join a Rocky Linux Special Interest Group: We highly encourage reading the getting started guide as well as the Special Interest Group of the wiki if you are looking to join a Rocky Linux SIG.

If you are wanting to join a CentOS Special Interest Group: Check out their SIG page for some information on their SIG's, which may contain information on how to participate. Participating in a CentOS SIG helps all Enterprise Linux distributions, not just CentOS Stream. Most SIG packages in CentOS should work and be applicable to Rocky Linux and other Enterprise Linux distributions.

Other Participation and Contribution Information

For a more detailed guide on getting started for general contributions, see our getting started guide.