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Proposing a SIG

This page goes over proposing a Special Interest Group for the Rocky Linux ecosystem. Anyone can propose or participate in a Special Interest Group.


Creating a new Special Interest Group requires participation from a member of the Rocky Linux teams or a member of the Rocky Linux project board. A SIG must meet these requirements:

  • The group should be related to Rocky Linux or a use-case for Rocky Linux or Enterprise Linux as a whole
  • There must be feedback and control into the Rocky community
  • All communication as to the work of the SIG should be public - Some matters may have to be private, and as such should be out of band

    • It is expected that each SIG will have a public channel as SIG/name in mattermost. Optionally an IRC channel can also be assigned.
  • Code produced within the SIG must be compatible with a FOSS license presently used by Rocky Linux and upstream - If a new license is wanted and is not available in the upstream list, consult with Release Engineering/Core or ~Legal in Mattermost.

  • All documentation produced within the SIG must be a compatible documentation license.

    • The group will receive a wiki that they can manage their documentation and group information on the RESF Git Service (using domain)
  • Groups should be aware/watchful of the direction from the Release Engineering team/Core as it can affect how SIGs operate if they are producing compiled software.

  • A member of the SIG should also come from the Core/RelEng team, in the case that the SIG produces packages for use on a Rocky Linux system.
  • General reports, requests, and communication, on at least a quarterly basis, will be required with the Rocky Linux project board

It is also highly recommended to have packaged software (if applicable) to present in the proposal, e.g. on a Fedora Copr project or another setting.

Proposal Process

It is up to the requestor to:

  • Check and verify that the topic of interest is already covered by an existing Special Interest Group within Rocky Linux or CentOS Stream
  • Post an introductory RFC message:

    • As an email to the rocky-devel mailing list and ask for comments or...
    • As a message to SIG/general in mattermost

Upon approval or general acceptance, it is up to the requestor or a Core/RelEng member to open a ticket for creating the initial resources at the SIG/Core Tracker using a predefined template. Click "New Issue" and then choose "Get Started" for "Requests for SIG Proposal", which will take you to the template to fill out, which includes:

  • An introduction of yourself and the request for resources for the SIG
  • The initial proposal (this can be a copy and paste of the original proposal or another version related to the original request)
  • The initial asks, such as groups in Rocky Account Services, RESF Git Service Organization, channels in mattermost, and a release package if required
  • A checklist, which includes that you have read this guide


Upon acceptance, the request for resources will be completed and the ticket will be closed out.

(To be continued)



Purpose: Account Services maintains the accounts for almost all components of the Rocky ecosystem

Technology: Noggin used by Fedora Infrastructure

Contact: ~Infrastructure in Mattermost and #rockylinux-infra in Libera IRC


Purpose: General projects, code, and so on for the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation.

Technology: Gitea

Contact: ~Infrastructure, ~Development in Mattermost and #rockylinux-infra, #rockylinux-devel in Libera IRC


Purpose: Packages and light code for the Rocky Linux distribution

Technology: GitLab

Contact: ~Infrastructure, ~Development in Mattermost and #rockylinux-infra, #rockylinux-devel in Libera IRC


Purpose: Users can apply to be a mirror to host Rocky content (SIG or the base operating system)

Technology: MirrorManager 2

Contact: ~Infrastructure in Mattermost and #rockylinux-infra in Libera IRC


Purpose: Users can subscribe and interact with various mail lists for the Rocky ecosystem

Technology: Mailman 3 + Hyper Kitty

Contact: ~Infrastructure in Mattermost and #rockylinux-infra in Libera IRC