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Software and Services

Services and software in use by the Rocky Linux project

Self-Hosted Services

Item Use Status License Link
Ansible Configuration management Deployed GPL-3.0
FreeIPA Identity Management Deployed GPL-3.0
KeyCloak SSO System Deployed Apache License 2.0
Netbox IPAM Apache-2.0
- Logging - - -
Prometheus Monitoring Planned Apache-2.0
Koji Distro packaging Deployed LGPL-2.1
Mattermost Communications Deployed Mattermost EE
Mock Distro packaging GPL-2.0
GitLab EE Distro Packaging Deployed MIT + GitLab EE License
Gitea Community Git Forge Deployed MIT
OpenProject Project management Deployed GPL-3.0
- SIEM - - -
Wiki.js Documentation Removed AGPL-3.0
Postgresql Database Engine >v11 Deployed ?
Bugzilla Bug Tracking and Ticket System Removed MPL
MantisBT Bug Tracking and Ticket System Deployed GPL-2.0
mailman3 mailing list system Deployed GPL-3.0
hyperkitty mailing list system achiver Deployed GPL-3.0
Peridot Distro packaging Deployed BSD-3-Clause

Third-Party Services

Item Use Status Terms Link
reCAPTCHA Anti-abuse In use [1]
Slack Communications, chat Deprecated [2]
Libera IRC, chat In use [3]
Matrix Chat Deprecated [4]
GitHub Source control, collaboration, registry, actions In use [5]
Figma Design collaboration In use [6]
Discourse Community forums In use [7]
Google Workspace Foundation email In use [8]

[1] - Google legal terms, privacy policy [2] - Slack legal terms [3] - Libera bylaws and policies [4] - Matrix legal terms [5] - GitHub terms of service, privacy policy [6] - Figma legal terms, privacy policy [7] - Discourse legal terms, privacy policy [8] - Google Workspace legal terms free, paid, additional services, privacy policy

Infrastructure Software

Item Use Status License Link
Terraform Infrastructure as code In use MPL-2.0
Rocky 8 Operating system In use BSD-3, various OSI
Rocky 9 Operating system In use BSD-3, various OSI
KVM Virtualization In use GPL-2.0 or LGPL
AWX Automation System Planned Apache License 2.0

Infrastructure Providers

Item Use Status Terms Link
Amazon Web Services Infrastructure In use [1]
Clouvider Infrastructure In use [2]
Spry Servers Infrastructure [3]
Vercel Web hosting In use [4]
Equinix Infrastructure In use [5]
[1] - Amazon Web Services legal terms, privacy policy
[2] - Clouvider legal terms, privacy policy
[3] - Spry Servers legal terms
[4] - Vercel legal terms, privacy policy
[5] - Equinix legal terms, privacy policy